Away from MIT, with a slice of MIT

I had just found my new home at MIT, but a home isn't home unless there is family. And in the summer of 2017, far away from Cambridge, locked away on a tiny African island in the middle of Indian Ocean, in Mauritius, I found my MIT family! 


The Infinite Corridor

“How do I get to MIT?” I asked. It was a sunny afternoon with a crisp fall breeze. 

I was only 2 weeks into my first trip to the US, but I was already missing the warmth of Mumbai air.

“Well, you are already at MIT,” the lady standing near a white sculpture of human body replied. “Just walk straight into the building, keep walking and you will cross the infinite corridor.” 


To MIT, With Love

 “… you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future…”

It was a rainy monsoon evening of August, almost a year after my first visit as a tourist to MIT. I had decided to finally go meet (read as: go on blind date) with the guy chosen by my parents.